Public communities made searchable

We scan your public Discord, Slack, and Telegram channels and make it accessible online.

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Key Metrics

Increase your community reach and growth

Scrolls helps you reach more people and get more engagement in your community, leading to more participation.

100%+Inbound clicks by making your community discoverable via search.

200%+Links to discussions - it's now easier for members to share your community.

50%-Less repeating questions - people search existing conversations instead of asking again.

25%+Join rate Let people try before they "buy".

Loved by communities worldwide.

It's very easy to get started and our bot let your community escapse the walled garden and live for generations.

    • I run a server for my professional network. It's used to discuss everything in our industry and meeting new people. Scrolls helps me make that information available to the world!

      Henry Flynn
      Community Builder
    • I have been a member of a developer community that started out in Slack. After a while we decided to move to Discord. I think this is awesome, but now I'm having a hard time getting the links to the conversations in our old Slack server. Scrolls solves that!

      Michael Novak
    • As a community manager I have a hard time getting people on the right server. With Scrolls I can let them know what's available on our server and they can decide if they want to join or not.

      Laura Chiang
      Community Manager
    • I've been working on a new open source project and I wanted to get the word out. I started a Slack server for it, but it can be hard to keep track of the conversations. Scrolls helps me link to conversations in my README, so I can get feedback on my work.

      Dix Castro
      Open Source Developer
    • As a professional organisation we use Slack for internal communication. Some of the conversations are really interesting, so we wanted to publish them on our website. Scrolls makes that really easy!

      Alex Jones
      Professional Organisation
    • I run a community around a game on a Discord server. It's a lot of work, but it's fun. I wanted to make it easier for people to access the information, so I tried Scrolls. It's great!

      Jo Smith
      Community Leader

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team at

    • How can I add my server to Scrolls?

      Visit our getting started page, you just need to add our bot to your server and it takes less than one minute.

    • Does it cost something?

      Scrolls is completely free!

    • Why I need it?

      Your community data is not accessible to modern search engines today, this means that you are loosing opportunities to appear in search results and grow your community organically.

    • Does it really work?

      We hope so ;) . Some of the servers using the service saw dramatic growth in their search engine appearance and the number of daily and monthly active users in their community.

    • Does it work for Slack, Discord and Telegram?

      Yes, Discord is fully available, Slack and Telegram are currently in private beta though we accept new registrations so feel free to join our waiting list.

    • Can I delete certain messages or full channels?

      Yes, drop us an email at and we will remove the information from our index

    • Can I add private channels to Scrolls?

      Yes, you should invite Scrolls bot explicitly to these channels.

    • Do I need to add a bot to my server?

      Yes, just invite the Scrolls bot to your server.

    • Which channels are indexed?

      Only your public channels are indexed. If you want Scrolls to index private channels you should explicitly add Scrolls bot to these channels.